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GMC S.p.A. has been operating in the marble and granite field since 1973. The GMC S.p.A. established from two important companies, modern equipped with their offices in Ortonovo and Massa Carrara (Italy), is since years enjoying a high reputation from the markets due to the selected quality of marbles and granites and for the care granted to the production and processing. The modern equipped plants and the high qualified staff, including the entire processing chain, from the quarry to the final execution of the orders; complying with the arranged schedule, to the strictly selection of the various marbles and granites, are pushing the GMC S.p.A. to be the market leader.

Demands of large quantities of polished –flamed slabs, as well as various types of cut to size designated to projects can be easily fulfilled due to our great production capacity. The blocks yard, allows the GMC S.p.A. to race also for big projects and large orders can be delivered without any problem.

The GMC S.p.A., has widely improved its technical department, where engineers and architects have access to the last technologies concerning the projects development system. Our long-term experience, in the natural stone field, in addition to a good reputation, supported us to join the main objects, which are worldwide acknowledges.



Breccia Capraia Quarry

Breccia Capraia quarry is in Tuscany, in the heart of Apuan Alps, in the province of Massa-Carrara, between Mounts Altissimo and Carchio, nature created. An exclusive material, Fior di Pesco Classico Apuano, well known since Roman times due to its rarity. Later on, the Medici Family started to appreciate these marbles and used them to embellish Florence during the Renaissance period.


Bianco Carrara Quarry

Bianco Carrara quarries are in “Lorano” basin – Fossagrande. The quarry is property of Grassi family since more than 30 years. Bianco Carrara extracted material has a precious quality, appreciated for its white background, is mainly used for particulars interior claddings and sculpture.



Open Stains

Breccia marble with marble elements ivory white color or pinkish-white color with thick streaks of reddish-brown and orange-brown color.


Blocks of marble and granite of various kinds and sizes are listed in our yard ready for sale or further processing.


Slabs of materials from our production can be viewed in our showrooms both single and open stain. Ready for sale or for further processing to measure.



Verona’s exhibition 2010

G.M.C. presented the project SAFE QUARRY during Verona’s Marmomacc 2010 from 25th to 28th September 2010. Marmomacc is one of the main events for the operators in the market of marble stone industry, from machinery to instrumental products, from blocks of natural stone with marble work more complex, for professionals in construction and contract, as […]
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