The place where the event was organized by local produce and ‘Cava Capraia in the municipality of Massa, Tuscany. The miners used the lard to slide large slabs of marble. From this consideration, the idea was born to organize the first “Lard rock cafe-life in the cave,” a food and wine event on the relationship between food and marble quarries.

The aim is to enhance the cave as a tourist resource, creating a route between food and local wines related to the tradition of the miners. The visitors can enjoy goat cheese, unleavened bread, salami products with fennel (herb that grows abundantly in the area), lard, and other food dishes accompanied by an excellent Vermentino. Everything between Marble of Capraia’s quarry

G.M.C. presented the project SAFE QUARRY during Verona’s Marmomacc 2010 from 25th to 28th September 2010.

Marmomacc is one of the main events for the operators in the market of marble stone industry, from machinery to instrumental products, from blocks of natural stone with marble work more complex, for professionals in construction and contract, as well as designers and decision makers seeking success in an increasingly specialized and competitive.

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